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Ozone Inc provide all the Infrastructure and Logistical support to make our client’s event a success. We incorporate themes, design layouts, event formats, and decor with the ultimate goal of making the event the most elegant, unique, and memorable experience. We organize different types of Corporate Events like Product Launches, Seminars/Conferences/Conventions, Annual Day Celebrations, Team Building/Corporate Day Outs, ATL , BTL & Brand Promotions, CRM Events etc


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Inspiring people through corporate culture .

About us

The dynamics of change in business operations has triggered a chain of radical reactions in all faculties associated with it. With the customer spoilt for choice, competition gets increasingly tougher by the day. Today, businesses need that extra edge to reach the top and stay there. The need of the hour is an agency that will help them stand out from the crowd

Powered by thisneed and its own vision to be a single window solutions provider to all Clients Ozone Inc has diversified its scope of operations to include:

  • Advertising and Media
  • Events
  • Destination Management
  • Promotion and Merchandising

Infrastructural Strength
Ozone Inc has in place well organized infrastructural strength in terms of manpower and technology. On board are experts in their relevant domains who are handpicked with care, consideration and forethought. Ozone Inc has prudently entered into fruitful partnerships with other companies which serve to further strengthen and reinforce their infrastructure. For effective control, smooth operations and quality deliverables, the company has employed technology in terms of software tools for enhanced performance management capabilities.

Operating Principles
Ozone Inc seeks to build long lasting relationships with its Clients based on trust and loyalty. Through continued innovation and reinventing the company offers time tested and scientifically designed solutions for optimum performance whilst cutting cost to the Client.
Ozone Inc is committed to quality and on time execution of promises to its Clients.Through post analysis the company seeks to improvise itself for the benefit of its customers.

Talent with new discovery


Advertising And Media
The most preferred choice to create awareness and influence masses. Realizing the potentials offered by this medium, Ozone Inc has in place a full-fledged, aptly qualified and a dedicated team of advertising and media professionals who have had a successful run in this industry.
Through in-depth study and understanding of the Client needs and by perceiving the unspoken, the team designs well structured solutions that accentuate the flavor of the brands. Real time analysis is performed to determine success even before its actual execution.
With the perfect blend of innovation and creativity, unique, fresh and custom made solutions are formulated each time.The Client is offered a choice of modes like Road Shows, Canters, Stalls, e-Bill Boards, etc

Event management is a mammoth project that requires the skills and expertise of the Project Management group. It is a conglomeration of many planning and management activities that require co-ordination, man-power and infrastructure. Conceptualizing, designing and meticulous detailing down to the minutest component is a must.
Looks too much to handle? Well, this is where Ozone Inc  come in to keep it simple for you. Based on your specific requirements, we will put together a team to assist you with organizing and budget the event.

Infrastructure and Planning
The company is responsible for planning, budgeting, procuring, marketing, logistics, execution and risk management. As part of its manpower, it has a team of set designers and builders, audio, visual and lighting professionals, technicians and SFX specialists.
With its infrastructural strength and partnerships with the right groups, Ozone Inc has the capability to organize events of any given proportions, dimensions or complexities with ease and panache.

Harmony in Execution
For harmonious and flawless execution of events, Ozone Inc has in place an Event Management System for effective tracking, networking and management to achieve improved performance and scalability

Promotion And Merchandising
We help advertise your merchandise and increase its visibility through creative promotions. As part of the promotional measures, we offer custom made Wearable’s like Tees, jackets, hats etc, with the brand logo on it, interesting Promotional gifts and attention grabbing Mall promotions, road shows and canter services.
Our brand activation initiatives are designed with a view to benefit the Client. An attempt is made to accommodate the wishes of the Client to provide client specific solutions

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